About My Work

In the last several years, I find the stresses of life has pushed my creativity inward.  No longer do I copy what I see but just let my mind flow with ideas right to the page.  When I start my art, I have no perceived plan.  At first, I simply draw shapes / lines and mold them until something seems to appear from the markings.  It’s a bit like one of those pictures that on first glance just looks like a bunch of random dots.  Then by staring at it longer, an image appears.  This is how my artwork takes shape.  Sometimes I see how the final image should look right away while other times, it takes until the entire page is filled up.  It’s a bit like my unconscious mind creates the image and I am just along for the ride seeing how each twist and turn is revealed as the image forms.  I find myself just wondering at each stage how the image will take form.  Personally, it’s quite invigorating.

Once the main image is formed, I usually research the best color patterns from different resources that reflect the emotion of the piece.  It’s a bit like naming a child after it has reached adolescents.  This is where I find digital art has the advantage of adding colors after the line drawing is done.  I am usually in complete mystery of the end image result; therefore, trying to decide colors ahead of time would be a complete hit or miss.

Success comes when my subconscious mind is able to produce a consciously pleasing image, and I can find the color pattern to put it all together.  I find this process that starts with no planned image is the most fulfilling as this to me seems to be true definition of creativity.